Nursery school : playing travelling in the prehistory
During the visit to the Archeopark with a bit of imagination and thanks to the help of fun characters (our cultural entertainers) even children of the nursery school can relive history and recreate through the game a direct contact with nature, animals and with the fantastic world of our ingenious ancestors.

It ‘s the first step that allows them to connect with the past and to have many small but important experiences: steps for an harmonious growth that will help them to know themselves and the world where they live.

When the teacher books, she/he should communicate to the secretarial staff the main didactic methods used for introducing prehistory to their schoolchildren (nursery rhymes, characters, theatrical performance etc.), so that our cultural entertainers can organize a personalized school trip.

Archeopark prepares personalized programmes related to the didactic work done during the school year, upon agreement with the secretary staff.