In the ARCHEOPARK you can explore a CAVE like those where, more than 10.000 years ago, people painted the animals they hunted; you can observe how the Mesolithic nomads , between 10.000 and 7.000 years ago, organized their ROCK SHELTERS; followed by a herd of goats you can take a break in the NEOLITHIC FARM and hold the tools of the prehistoric farmers as the hoe or the sickle.

You can stop in the huts of the great PILE­DWELLING VILLAGE, similar to villages of 4.000 years ago, which is on the edge of the lake you can cross by dugouts canoes among waterfowl and reeds. You can go up the hill to conquer a FORTIFIED VILLAGE , as the villages of 3,000 years ago, and rest among the trees ; you can enter the log houses of the VILLAGE OF THE ARTISANS, similar to those of 2.500 years ago, to observe some craftsmen working with ancient techniques.

It’s also possible to go through a great LABYRINTH which has been rebuilt on the basis of the petroglyphs found on the rocks in Luine, Capo di Ponte and Cimbergo areas.

This big MULTIFUNCTIONAL THEME PARK is not only to visit but to live …




Bronze age

Iron age

The roman age